2008. június 15., vasárnap

fresh start

So, finally i got enough intetion in myself to start this beuty blog. I'm a great beauty-blog sucker, I love to read every FOTDs or reviews on beauty products.
I'm from Hungary, it's a little country in Europe, with 10milion souls, and lot of goulash, traditional paprika, and a potential to make a million great SPAs or aquaparks from the great water-resource we have under the soil, and of course far-ore-better mineral waters than Evian or Perrier. To be honest, the final thing that pushed me to that blog, was that post from the Beauty Snob blog. I was just fascinated by the lines:

"Anyone who has been to Hungary knows that people there take their beauty regime VERY seriously. Like Parisians love their wine, Hungarians love their facials, so I’m scolding myself for not having discovered Omorovicza sooner!"
Is this really true? I just couldn't imagine why. If you have any further infos, please, share them with me. :)

My mother language is not english, it's hungarian (that is said to be one of the most complicated languages in the world-some say that the complexity resembles to the japanese language's) and I also speak french (funny, but I've never been to to Paris, and I really don't want to go :) ) and english of course. My e language is passive, I unfortunately don't use it nowadays, so I have to maintain my knowledge by watching movies and series without subtitle, reading books or great beauty-blogs in english' :)

Note: Please, if You find any mistakes, don't get them serious, i'm really trying.

Beauty-blogging is not a spread thing in my country. I can only say that i know 3-4 of them, mainly from make up artists, and their style don't features fotds, or simple beauty product, just general infos about make up trends, main step to achieve a great face, or personal notes. Like this or that.

I have my beauty-addiction since I was 14. I started with skincare-products, and make up came in the picture when I was about 18. It is too late, because I tend to have (and always has been) panda eyes, like my mother. Now I'm really thinking about a make up class in the next 1 year, not becasue I want to be a makeup artist, but to have perfect skills. I'm a student in 2 universitis, studying social studys and finance-marketing, I think I would work as a pr specialist or something.

I'm really into dermatology and cosmetics, I get my notes from my ex-classmate medical students, and I'm a permanent model of my beautician-student friend, I picked up so much knowledge from her, just like she did from me. ;)

I have normal/combination, so and so dehydrated skin, and I tend to have massive blackheads on my nose, and sensitive on my cheeks and chin-line.

My skin tone is neutral, not yellow or pinkish, so I'm finding it hard to get a great foundation (not even MAC), that fits my skin perfectly, so I stick to mineral makeup and tinted mosturizers.
/ If I could have a MAC foundation, my shade would be some kind of 30 i think. :) /

Well, this is just the start, I hope I will be able to make a good, informative blog!


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