2008. június 19., csütörtök

The ultimate lip-plumping must-have

After reading Girl Gloss's post about the blogger's favourite lip products part 2., I began to wonder:
1. why they don't sell stila in my country
2. why MAC is so outrageously expensive here and
3. don't You have any idea of the working mechanism of the lip plumpers!?

Basically, there are 2 type of lip-plumping products. The ones that irritate our lips, and the other, that try to affect the collagen produce or amount of the lips.

The ones contain potential irritants, like cinnamon oil (or extract), ginger (oil/extract), rosemary (o/e), menthol or other, no matter what kind of, but irritants! By irritating Your lips makes blood circulate faster, and causes swollen lips. As I've noticed, it often cause a little pain (sting, itch, whatever) on the lips, and to avoid this feeling, Your lips must be very-highly-precisely moisturized. I just couldn't imagine a girl having that moisturized lips without drinking 3 gallons of water a day, and applying lip balm any half an hour.
One of the irritating lippies is Clinique's Full potential lips gloss. I still have 2 tubes of it, one full size blossom shade and a little peach plump shade.

Others are just simply add something to the lip's natural collagen stock: using peptides, to stimulate the inner production, or by adding hydrolyzed collagen that can pick up some inner water. Peptides are not 100% effective, but the collagen...If it's the right formula, it can make You so much more confortable with Your lips.

Lipfusions contains hydrolized collagen - to be more exact, atelocollagen, that is tiny enough to get into the skin. Inside, they pick up some from the body's natural water, and getting much-much-MUCH more bigger than they were. This makes the little (I say little- they won't turn blade-lips into angelina lips) change on the lips.

My personal Favourit is the Lipfusion XL. Besides the collagen it contains hyaluronic acid, that gets into the skin too, grabs up some water, and holds it, keeps it close to the little collagen-booboos, and keeling it close to the surface, makes the lips much more moisturized. For me, it's the ultimate lip-plumber, and (as a new category) the ultimate overnite-lip must-have product.

To be honest, what I see is worth the price. I have different sized upper and bottom lips, and by making my upper lips much more visible, I'm ready to give that much money for a Lipfudion XL.
By the way, I think that lip plumpers must be tested by girls, who have different sized lips, like me. I certainty see the change, but my naturally-plumped-lipped girls just don't see the wonder, only can feel the super-hydrated feeling.

I can get it from the strawberrynet or similar sites (of course they don't sell them in here) about 40USD, but for me, applying every night, lasts nearly 6 months long. :)

...seems like WE totally agree :)


2008. június 15., vasárnap

Europe vs US

So, first of all, I wanna write about the 'local' skincare habits, practice and rave. The thing that I'll write are only my point of view.

In Europe the european-french beauty industries and techniques are the dominant.
French brands, like Lancome, Avene, La Roche Posay, Bioderma are wild-spread here.

There are not a lot of hunarian products, but what is liked, are mainly make natural products. Like the Ilcsi's often written as Elchee. They have a beauty-saloon in the UK, Dubai or Japan for example. I'have used Ilcsi products before, to be honest they were not my favourite, but I have sensitive skin and I trust in a good sunscreen and ingredients from the lab, like hyaluronic acid in my face cream or serum. But I would recommand the anti-cellulite creme with paprika - makes Your thighs sting, like it was bitten, helps the blood circulete faster. Or the toners, for exampla they have great rose-water toner.

My problem with this brand is that there are too much beauticans, who work with that products instead of using great ingredients when it's needed.
To be honest, as far as I know, every 1 from 10 beauticans suggest the guests to use a sunscreen every day, while the dermatologists just couldn't stop shouting it out loud...

Or the Omorovicza. You may have read about it already. :) To be honest, I've never used one of their products, so I couldn't say anything about it.

Some fancy notes: Founder of the Estée Lauder brand, the famous Ms. Lauder had hungarian roots: her parents were hungarian and czech immigrants, and her brother was also a founder of a school in Hungary. One of my BFFs have gone there, she said that the teachers gift were always containing some Lauder products. By the way, her name is Eszter, that's the hungarian version of Estée!

In europe, using AHA and BHA is not a wild spread routine, and some ingredients, like BPO reqiures dermatologist's custody, even tough the medicines here are a step more modern then in the US.

(For example, when I edited my Google-health profile, I didn't find my actual anti-allergy medicine, but the last version of it, that I took 2 years before, when they came up with a better-formulated, same-agent-but-less-side-effect-version of the pill. But health insurance system is different too. Even sunscreens are far more than what they use in the US products.)

Anyway, I have to get my BHA from the US (I'm using paula's choise products- I can get them here from Netherlands, for double price as in the US ) or AHA (from the same or skinceuticals, but they don't sell products here) on the other hand, there are some things that i would never get from the US. Like sunsreens.

I'm obsessed with the sunscreans, not only the texture, the smell or effect, but the biological effect and the chemical molecule too. I have some tube of japanese sunscreens at home, and sometimes I'm working as a part-time hostess for a french company that makes close to perfect sunscreens. It's the Bioderma, the sunscreens contain several ingredients, like octinoxate, avobenzone, octocrylene, titan-dioxide, zinc-oxide, Tinosorb S and Tinosorb M molecules. (these two are only used in Europe)

Fortunately, the sunscreen-loving behaviour is becoming more and more popular in Hungary, despite of the existence of soooo many girls, who's ideal skin-color is black. At least that's what they think.


fresh start

So, finally i got enough intetion in myself to start this beuty blog. I'm a great beauty-blog sucker, I love to read every FOTDs or reviews on beauty products.
I'm from Hungary, it's a little country in Europe, with 10milion souls, and lot of goulash, traditional paprika, and a potential to make a million great SPAs or aquaparks from the great water-resource we have under the soil, and of course far-ore-better mineral waters than Evian or Perrier. To be honest, the final thing that pushed me to that blog, was that post from the Beauty Snob blog. I was just fascinated by the lines:

"Anyone who has been to Hungary knows that people there take their beauty regime VERY seriously. Like Parisians love their wine, Hungarians love their facials, so I’m scolding myself for not having discovered Omorovicza sooner!"
Is this really true? I just couldn't imagine why. If you have any further infos, please, share them with me. :)

My mother language is not english, it's hungarian (that is said to be one of the most complicated languages in the world-some say that the complexity resembles to the japanese language's) and I also speak french (funny, but I've never been to to Paris, and I really don't want to go :) ) and english of course. My e language is passive, I unfortunately don't use it nowadays, so I have to maintain my knowledge by watching movies and series without subtitle, reading books or great beauty-blogs in english' :)

Note: Please, if You find any mistakes, don't get them serious, i'm really trying.

Beauty-blogging is not a spread thing in my country. I can only say that i know 3-4 of them, mainly from make up artists, and their style don't features fotds, or simple beauty product, just general infos about make up trends, main step to achieve a great face, or personal notes. Like this or that.

I have my beauty-addiction since I was 14. I started with skincare-products, and make up came in the picture when I was about 18. It is too late, because I tend to have (and always has been) panda eyes, like my mother. Now I'm really thinking about a make up class in the next 1 year, not becasue I want to be a makeup artist, but to have perfect skills. I'm a student in 2 universitis, studying social studys and finance-marketing, I think I would work as a pr specialist or something.

I'm really into dermatology and cosmetics, I get my notes from my ex-classmate medical students, and I'm a permanent model of my beautician-student friend, I picked up so much knowledge from her, just like she did from me. ;)

I have normal/combination, so and so dehydrated skin, and I tend to have massive blackheads on my nose, and sensitive on my cheeks and chin-line.

My skin tone is neutral, not yellow or pinkish, so I'm finding it hard to get a great foundation (not even MAC), that fits my skin perfectly, so I stick to mineral makeup and tinted mosturizers.
/ If I could have a MAC foundation, my shade would be some kind of 30 i think. :) /

Well, this is just the start, I hope I will be able to make a good, informative blog!